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About Our Staff Support Fee

Questions about our staff support fee and prices?

Our goal is firstly to provide fair and dependable wages to all our team members. Tipping is historically inequitable and causes our team members to take home an inconsistent paycheck. The staff support fee is just that – support for our staff. It allows for a more competitive, stable wage for our team without any outside influences or biases. It also supplements benefits not otherwise offered in small hospitality businesses like ours.

We source premium, local ingredients and strive to have competitive wages. Our mission has always been to make delicious, high-quality food accessible to our community. Recent world events, rising costs, and our initiative to remain competitive in the labor market have proved challenging. These factors affect the final cost of our product; however, we continually aim to keep our prices as low as we can.  

What benefits does Lost Larson provide?

The well-being of our team is very important to us. It is incredibly difficult for small businesses and independent restaurants to provide benefits. With the help of the staff support fee, we are proud to provide to our full-time staff: health, vision, & dental insurance; paid time off; and retirement benefits.

If you loved the service you received and are feeling generous, any extra tip goes directly to staff and is greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for your support in providing a more sustainable work environment in the hospitality industry and for our team members. 

We welcome any feedback you may have! Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.